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I Can’t Believe This Happened!

The words most often heard from a policyholder who becomes disabled.  Who can believe such a thing could happen, to me!  I’m healthy and strong!  Yet, disabilities do happen and if you and your family depend on the income you earn by the work you do each day, then you need to protect yourself.  Ask yourself this question.  If I was disabled for an extended period of time, where will the income come from to pay my mortgage, feed my family, pay my bills?

Disability Insurance – The Only True Form of Income Protection

The need for Disability Insurance is real and the alternatives to disability insurance are not adequate! Almost all individuals have insurance protection for their home, automobile, health and even their cell phones, but what about their income? A disability that lasts 6 months has the potential to wipe out 10 years’ worth of savings if an individual saved 5% of their total income each year!

Disabilities Do Happen and a Disability Income Protection Plan is the only true way to protect yourself!
Let Disability Insurance For You help guide you through the process of protecting your income today!

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