The Reality Of A Disability

The Reality of a Disability

The Reality of a Disability

The reality of a disability is that

It happens: unexpected, unwanted and unwelcome. Disabilities do happen and if you’re like most working individuals you are totally unprepared for the financial impact a disability can have.

Now imagine you’re suddenly unable to work. Without your ability to earn an income, you quickly use all of your savings, undermining your financial security. The money you have managed to put away all these years for your vacation, children’s education and your retirement is now being used to pay your rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries and other expenses. The impact is detrimental and the pressure of dealing with this situation is exhausting.

And to make matters worse, the disability could continue for a long time.  Did you know a long term disability on average can last 2 ½ years! And over half of all personal bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are the result of a long term disability!

With most working individuals living paycheck to paycheck there is little to no money left for unexpected emergencies like an injury or illness that could result in a disability.

This is the reality of a disability and what would happen if a disability did strike. Are you prepared? is here to help you. Whether you have general questions regarding disability insurance, interested in the cost or need to review your current disability insurance coverage, we are here to help you! Since 1971 we have been working with individuals to find the best coverage at the best price to fit their needs.

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