Why Buy Disability Insurance?

Why Buy Disability Insurance?

Why Buy Disability Insurance

Most wage earners dramatically underestimate their risk of experiencing an income-limiting sickness or injury, and few have thought much about the impact of income loss. For nearly every working American, income is the source of all financial security.  It’s how we meet our basic financial needs, as well as the basis for funding savings and retirement.  Nearly all of us depend on our income, and few can survive for long without it.

So why buy disability insurance? Because…..

Disabilities do happen! and every working individual needs to be prepared! How long could you make it without your paycheck if an accident or sickness left you unable to work? How long could you afford to pay your bills without a paycheck? How would you pay your rent or mortgage? What about utilities, groceries and your savings for retirement?  How do you pay for these expenses if your income was to suddenly stop due to an accident or sickness?

Did you know that working males ages 25 to 55 are 32% more likely to suffer from a disability than death during their working years? For Women the chances of a disability are even greater! You may also think that disabilities typically happen from freak accidents, while it’s true accidents happen, Illnesses like cancer, heart attack or diabetes cause the majority of long-term disabilities and the number one cause of disabilities are Musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, back pain, spine/joint disorders and more.

So why buy disability insurance? Because if you are like most working Americans you need your income to pay your daily living expenses.  So do yourself a favor, protect your lifestyle and your families future.  Get peace of mind knowing that if you were to suffer a loss of income due to an accident or sickness you could continue to pay your rent/mortgage, utilities, buy groceries and pay for the medical expenses that will rise during a disability. After all why would you want to worry about your expenses when you should be working on your recovery?

Disability Insurance is a must have policy for working individuals.
Without it, the possibility of a financial crisis due to a disability is a reality.

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