Definitions of Disability

  • Total Disability –Insures you in your regular occupation if unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, engaged in at time of disability. If you are able to work in another occupation and earn an income, you will be eligible to request benefits from your policy.
  • Partial Disability –This feature is called Residual disability in many policies and insures you in your regular occupation, if not working. If you are able to work in your regular occupation or another occupation and because of your disability you suffer a loss of income of at least 20%, then benefits are paid for some period of time depending on which policy you choose. The amount of benefit is equal to the percentage loss of income. If you do not work and are disabled from your regular occupation, then benefits will be paid.
  • 6 Month Partial – This feature provides benefits which are equal to up to 50% of your base policy benefit when unable to work full-time due to a disabling injury or sickness. Note:Each insurance carrier has its own wording of disability for your review and the above is a brief summary for your information.