Disability Insurance Discounts

Disability Insurance Discounts

When shopping for disability insurance, it is important to get the right coverage for your needs, and all of the discounts available to you. The discounts available for disability insurance products can save an individual a significant amount of money over the course of their career.

At Disability Insurance For You we make sure that we provide our clients with not only the best coverage for their needs, but also make sure  our clients take advantage of all the discounts available to them.

Available Disability Insurance Discounts:

* Self-Employed / Business Owners Discounts

* Multi-Life Discounts
(Requires 2 or more individuals with a common employer, can be billed on an individual basis)

* Multi-Product Discounts

* Association Discounts

Interested in disability insurance coverage? Talk to us about the disability insurance discounts that are available to you!