May I supplement my Group Long-Term Disability Insurance provided by my employer?

A large percentage of our applicants currently have employer provided long term disability insurance. They understand these benefits are limited due to benefits offsets and taxation and choose to supplement the LTD to provide them a more in depth level of coverage.

  • GLTD – Group Long Term Disability Insurance, while a great employee benefit, does not provide the depth of benefit most insured’s think. Employer paid premiums result in benefits being taxed as regular income at time of receipt resulting in a 60% benefit being reduced substantially. Furthermore, any benefit you receive from worker’s compensation and/or social security will further reduce your LTD benefit by this
  • Supplemental Disability Insurance – Purchasing your own disability policy will allow you to increase your coverage to provide a living wage, and the benefits are tax free when you pay the premiums, plus all base benefits are paid in addition to worker’s compensation and social security

Please let us know if you would like to review your group policy to define what your benefits are and what you are eligible for to consider.