What if I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a wake-up call for working women who find themselves in a family way. This is not an uncommon question and we receive calls from pregnant women regularly who suddenly realize they will be out of work, without income, for some period of time. To help you understand this, we have prepared answers to questions we have been asked.

  • I am thinking of getting pregnant – If you’re not pregnant and haven’t consulted a physician about getting pregnant; then it’s not a problem. If on the other hand you have consulted a physician about getting pregnant, then this information is in your medical records and would therefore result in an exclusion for complications of pregnancy or childbirth.
  • I am 5 months pregnant – Your policy would exclude for complications of pregnancy or childbirth.
  • I am 7 months pregnant – You would not be eligible to apply for coverage until you have returned to work without limitation.
  • I am taking, or have taken fertility medications – This would result in an exclusion as shown above whether pregnant or not.

We are happy to answer your questions about how pregnancy is underwritten and how pregnancy is treated in a disability policy. Please call 1-800-848-4421 or email us at info@DisabilityInsuranceForYou.com