Will my medical history affect my ability to purchase a policy?

The underwriting of your disability insurance application includes a complete review of your medical history and those conditions, if any, for which you are treated.

Over 50% of the people we work with have some type of medical history such as treatment for back pain, use of anti-anxiety medication, and many, many more. Depending on the severity, or future prognosis of these conditions, the underwriter may limit the amount of coverage you may purchase, request an elimination rider specific to the condition, charge an extra premium, or in some cases decline an application.

Because we work with multiple insurance carriers we have found some carriers more favorable than others for certain conditions. With information provided by you we search out the best carrier for your history to provide you the best opportunity for purchasing coverage.

Please, do not hesitate to call and discuss your medical history which will avoid the wrong choice of insurance carrier and wasting of your time.